Semester the second

Aasoc starts back up tomorrow (11th January). As usual it will be in lecture theatre 2 of Appleton Tower from 6pm, we will be showing:
Planetes (continuing from semester 1)
Followed by the usual trip to the McEwans Alehouse afterwards for gentlemanly discussion (or not so gentlemanly, it’s your choice really).

Also due to the fact that the last meeting of last semester was cancelled, due to weather that had a resembalance to the north of Russia, there will be an extra meeting this week for those who want to see how the shows from last semester end. This will be on Thursday (the 14th) in Lecture Theatre 4 from 6pm.

About AASoc

The Anime and Animation Society of Edinburgh University. All shiny and runs on a weekly basis during term time on Tuesdays in Appleton Tower from 1800-2100. Also known to frequent places of ill-repute on Friday nights for nights of drinking and gaming...
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