The Anime & Animation Society is a dead and rotting society enabling the students at Edinburgh University and other interested parties to bemoan the lack of animation, notably anime and occasionally retro cartoons*.

Here you can find information about us, how to join us and/or our mailing lists. In addition to this, you can also check out our planned upcoming events and our current Series night schedule.

If the information provided on this website is insufficient, please do not hesitate to contact us; we’ll be happy to answer all your queries.

* Best enjoyed with ten or twelve alcoholic drinks…

12 Responses to About AASOC

  1. Nikos says:

    Hello, my name is Nikos and I am a master student in the University of Edinburgh.
    Well I love animation and I’d really like to know how it would possible to enjoy this Society.


  2. aasoc says:

    Apologies for the slowness of reply, someone (ie, me) forgot the password to the site for a bit. Your best bet is to come along to one of the series nights, held on Tuesdays in Appleton Tower – Lecture Theatre 4, from 6pm till roughly 9pm, at which points folks head round to McEwans pub for a chat and a drink.
    Hopefully see you there at some point

  3. Stuart says:

    Is your club open to non Edinburgh students, I am at college though?

    • AASoc says:

      Yes, the society is open to anyone who’s interested in joining; you don’t need to be an Edinburgh student. We meet in Appleton Tower LT2 on Tuesdays from 1800 for series nights, followed by heading down to the Alehouse. There’s also a Friday Event night coming up; a post with the details will go up here as soon as plans are pinned down. Either way, we’d be more than glad to have you along if you want to see what the society is like!

  4. Amy Scott says:

    Is this society open to the general public? I would love to be apart of an anime society!

  5. Arthur says:

    Hi guys, i’am new in the city and need to meet people (otaku as better) AASOC its a club with base? I really likes go there because im really boring. My facebook its arthur hylian poe

  6. Jessie says:

    Hello, my name is Jessie and I am a IFP student in the University of Edinburgh.
    Well I love animation and I’d really like to know how it would possible to enjoy this Society.
    But actually I don’t drink alcoholic will that be a problem to join in? 😦

    Kind Regards

    • AASoc says:

      Hi Jessie,

      Sorry for the slow response. You’re very welcome to come along to our series nights (Tuesdays at 6pm in Appleton Tower), where we watch anime on projector screens for a few hours and then go to the pub. Many of our members do not drink, so that is not a problem at all! The pub is just a warm place to sit down and chat 🙂

  7. najaa says:

    hi? i am a freshman and i wonder if this club is still alive? if it still is, i can help to promote this club as well as joining in

    • AASoc says:

      Hi najaa,

      Yes I believe the society is still alive. Unfortunately the current committee are incompetent and don’t update this blog anymore. I suggest checking the Facebook group.

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