See the facebook group for details of current events.

We have weekly anime screenings during the semester on Tuesdays at 6pm in Appleton Tower LT3, often followed by the pub. We also have showings during the examination period in a different time and location, so check the facebook group / blog / mailing list.

Other Events


Our first point of contact during the year is during Freshers week; committee members are usually present at the AASoc table during the Freshers Society Fair, while we have an event evening, usually showing a few choice episodes, movies or OAVs.


Friday nights are AASoc’s pub nights.   Members old and new get together and colonize the Alehouse, much as we do after series nights, for drink and good, quality discussion.


We also have varying anime events scattered throughout the year. Whether they’re themed (like our Bad Anime Night, Hallowe’en, or Favourites night), fundraisers (such as the recent Choose-Your-Own-Show Charity Night for the benefit of the Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami victims) or simply so we can finish series before the end of the semester, we aim to provide a good time for all.


A couple of times a year, AASoc take advantage of the wonderful Bonsai Bar and Bistro to get together for good conversation, a great atmosphere and delicious food.


The AGM is our annual event, taking place near the end of semester 2, where we vote on new committee members and any motions to improve the club.   Anything and everything can be brought up: this year brought the formation of a new committee post in the for of the MiniCon Co-ordinator.

Other than that, it runs fairly similarly to a regular series night.   All the more motivation to attend!


A variation on our weekly event. Smaller number of anime shown, so we can get through them in a fairly short run.


Our annual highlight!   We take over Pleasance for a day, complete with games room, art competitions, cosplay competition, ‘Ready, Steady, Cosplay!’, our fantastic quiz, and, of course, anime showings!

7 Responses to Events

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  2. ZenGwen says:

    Just so y’know, guys, the 20th is a Thursday.

    • AASoc says:

      I’d like to thank you for bringing it to our attention, but…the only time I can see mention of the 20th is in our semester start dates from last month. Could you clarify, please?

  3. I’m moving to Edinburgh in the Summer and am visiting for the first time in a couple of weeks – hope there’s an event on so I can meet similar-minded people ^^ Will you be meeting at Appleton Tower on Tuesday 27th March and are non-students welcome?

    • AASoc says:

      Very sorry for the delay in responding!

      There’s still a series night on the 27th – the episodes we’re showing then have just been updated in the side bar. Non-students are more than welcome, if you’re okay with mid-season episodes.

      If you’re in Edinburgh on the 17th, it might be worth stopping by out MiniCon in Pleasance. It’s a great opportunity to interact with society members, see some anime (movies, first episodes and OVAs) and, if you’re lucky, walk away with a prize! There’s a post in progress that’ll give a fuller write-up of what we’ve got planned.

  4. VectorCep says:

    Thanks, I found it!

  5. AnthonyMi says:

    Awesome, thanks for help!

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