Contact us

There are several ways to contact the committee and the society members:

Facebook Group

Pretty much everyone uses this, and is regularly updated with current events. Feel free to ask questions and post suggestions here.


You can contact the committee by sending an email to aasoc-info [at]


The Society has an IRC (Internet Relay Chat) Channel. It isn’t that active these days, but there’s usually a few regulars who can chat and answer your questions.

You can easily connect with your web browser via Mibbit, or for those with irc clients, join #aasoc on


Come to a series night and talk to us in person. We normally meet during semesters every Monday at 6PM in one of the lecture theatres of Appleton Tower.

9 Responses to Contact us

  1. Usagimoon says:


    I’m doing a MSc in uni of Edi now, and has been so fascinated by
    Japanese anime, comics, and other sub cultures for several years.

    Is it still possible to attend your activities in next term ?
    And sorry I cannot find your event schedule in 2010…so please
    tell me what’s going on in your society.

    Thanks & Cheers

  2. aasoc says:

    Of course, feel free to come along to the series nights on a Tuesday, in Appleton Tower (Lecture Theatre 4) – these are the regular society events, where we have our main showings for the year. Starts at 6pm, and runs till roughly 9, depending on what’s on. As for other events, we don’t have a clear schedule for them too far in advance, but keep an eye on the site and they’ll all be put up.
    Web Chris

  3. Ross Gouldthorpe says:

    To try and get the IRC channel a little more active I created a mibbit page for us, here are the address:

    the iFrame version:

    the link version:
    Chat here

  4. Kenichi says:

    hi! I would like to come to your society! This is not a problem?

    • AASoc says:

      It’s not a problem at all; we’d be glad to have you!

      We’re in Appleton Tower, LT2 every Tuesday from 18.00-21.00, plus we go to the Alehouse afterwards. If you’re at Appleton at the end of AASoc, it shouldn’t be too hard to find someone to go along with. If you want to catch up with what we’re showing, the sidebar will tell you what episodes we’ll be showing next week.

  5. Duncan Murray says:

    Hi, I’ve been to the usual Tuesday meets a few times, but I haven’t come along to the pub so far, so I wasn’t sure who to ask about actually joining/getting on the mailing list/whatever.

    • AASoc says:

      We’re glad to have had you along! If you’re around during the break, Chris (President) and Sam (Secretary) are usually by the computer at the front – they’ll be able to add you as a member and to the mailing list no problem.

  6. Kookie Murray says:

    Hi, I’m in my first year at the Scottish Rural University and College at
    the King’s Building campus. I was wanting to join this society, because
    let’s face it, it’s awesome, but I was wondering whether I would be counted
    as a student or non-student member. If I can even be a member.
    Also, is there a particular way to join? Or do I just sort of show up?
    Thanks. xx

    • AASoc says:

      Hi Kookie Murray,

      You’re welcome to just show up anytime, and you don’t need to join first. Come along and ask a committee member if you would like to become a member. I think you would be counted as a non-student member as you are not an edinburgh student, which would mean a slightly higher membership fee (about £6 I think?).

      We’re currently 8 weeks into our current series but will be showing fresh new series next semester. But you can of course come anytime!

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