Minicon 2015 – Flamencon!

Minicon 2015 – dubbed Flamencon – is on Sunday 22nd March 12pm-10:30pm in the Pleasance Cabaret Bar! With a mix of fun events – like the AASoc Master Anime Pub Quiz Z: Maximum Edition, the awesome AASoc Raffle, the inaugral AASoc Anime Awards, the always fun Ready Steady Cosplay, and constant anime screenings throughout the afternoon – and even more, it’s going to be SO GREAT

Oh, and if you want to come along in cosplay and stuff/submit AASoc-related fanart/fanworks (????), please do so – there’ll be prizes for that too!

Entry is £3 for AASoc members, and £5 for non-members.

Looking forwards to seeing you all there!

About AASoc

The Anime and Animation Society of Edinburgh University. All shiny and runs on a weekly basis during term time on Tuesdays in Appleton Tower from 1800-2100. Also known to frequent places of ill-repute on Friday nights for nights of drinking and gaming...
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